Sunday, February 19, 2012

Open Shelving in Kitchens and Some Press

I just had my comments published in the Houston Chronicle this weekend in an article about open shelving in kitchens.  Thank you, Melanie Warner, for the opportunity!  See the article HERE.

I love open shelving in a kitchen and found some more great images to share.

Patrick Printy - Elle Decor

Shannon Bowers - House Beautiful

Jeffrey Bilhuber - House Beautiful

Country Living

Jonathan Adler - House Beautiful

Things That Inspire blog

Michael Boyd - Mix and Chic blog

Country Living

Open shelving works with any style and can add personality to a kitchen with personal items displayed.  Open shelves make the room feel larger and more spacious without all those cabinet boxes on the wall encroaching on the space.

The down side....dust and maintenance. :/

Combining open shelving with closed cabinetry though, can keep some of the clutter and not so pretty dishes tucked away while being able to have some openness and opportunity to display.  I love a combo.  How about you?

See some more great kitchens on my Pinterest board HERE.

Melanie also has a blog called Design Houston.  Local readers can see what's happening in design in our area.  Thanks again, Melanie, for featuring my comments.


Tatiana Doria said...

Great examples. They look beautiful!

Stacy CUrran said...

I love these images, and I love the idea. I think I'd be too chicken to try it, though, because you'd have to keep everything on the shelves neat!

Kathy said...

I like open shelving. It brings so much interest to a kitchen. Its not so great with the big hairy hound dog we have.
Wonderful images.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love open shelving. did it for the first time personally in this house. I am enjoying it immensely. I keep the things I use every day on these shelves so they get rotated and cleaned enough to eliminate that dust problem. Lovely post.

Splendid Sass said...

Congratulations, Carla! Well deserve!
When I was a young mother, I lived in a duplex in an old historic neighborhood, Old Cloverdale, and built shelves all over the kitchen. The kitchen was tiny, but I entertained every weekend, and loved that kitchen more than any I have had, including a huge one.
Thank you for sharing.
xoxo said...

I love the look, but I have to admit, I'm just not neat enough :)

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Congratulations on being included in the Houston Chronicle. Now I'm homesick for Texas. I will definitely click over to Design Houston.

I admire open shelving in kitchens, but I worry that I'm too messy. I think I'll start small and work my way up.


I am dying to add some shelves in my kitchen......I don't have any uppers in my kitchen design (20 years ago!) but I am seriously going to try to add some. You just built a case for me with all of these beautiful images!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love how it looks and would love to add a few to my kitchen.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Wonderful images of how it works with any style. My current kitchen has open shelving and the only thing I will change next to have more. I love it! It looks beautiful and is so convenient.

Karen said...

I always love the look of colorful dishes displayed on open shelving. There's more bang for you buck when you buy pretty pieces that double as art.

Kifus said...

Love open shelving as I love to have my pretty tableware on display, but I must say that other not so beautiful necessary items I like to hide away, so it is combo for me!

A lovely post, thanks!

Interior Design Musings said...

I adore the look, when I see it. But, I know my Type A self and honestly, I think it would make me a bit crazy. I know my limits! The beauty is that I have lots of clients who are not Type A, so maybe I'll get to do it in someone's kitchen and live vicariously!! Great article, btw. M.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Beautiful images, Carla! The kitchen by Shannon Bowers in Dallas is one of my all time favorite kitchens ever! I am pretty tidy and organized, but I always worry about dust settling in dishes and glasses that I don't use often - otherwise I love the concept of open shelving1

designchic said...

Love your comments and I so agree...the perfect place to show some of your own personality in the kitchen!!

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

I love open shelves too!!! Gorgeous pics!

Jack said...

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