Monday, March 30, 2009

You Never Know!

You never know what you will find when you demo a space. Remodeling is always a surprise. We found a bed of carpenter ants just below the shower pan in my bathroom. Yuck! Luckily damage had not been done to the wood around it, but it would have been bad news if we’d waited too much longer. The contractor sucked a lot of them up with the shopvac before he called me in to see. (Gives me the heebeegeebees!)

Another thing I didn’t realize was all the pipes, ductwork, and electrical the builder had stuffed into the existing furr down. I anticipated plumbing and electrical, but we also had to reroute the ductwork which was unexpected.

I also will need a new shorter window at the tub. The tub deck was a bit too high for the existing tub and the builder had floated up over the window sill and tiled directly into the glass at the window. (Bad Detail!) Since my new tub is about the depth of the old one, I want to rebuild this properly and have my granite deck die into a wall faced with tile below the window. This way if water sits on the tub deck, it won’t sink down into cracks in the grout at the window and destroy the framing. My window, which was clear before, will now have textured glass (rain glass to match my front door). I had originally thought I had wanted a stained glass window, but I think that would command too much attention away from the other design elements in the room. I always had wood blinds there before which remained closed, but I’m going to do a Hunter Douglas, battery operated, Roman shade to have some softness, but still have translucency and light.

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