Friday, April 3, 2009


I have sheetrock now and I love how clean the space looks. I think I’ll just leave it like this and put a toilet in. I guess a shower would be nice.

I had a smooth finish applied to the walls, no texture. It actually needs one more going over, after priming the walls. My sheetrock guys are sooo good, that’s all they do, sheetrock and texture. They do not paint or strip wallpaper! They always make that perfectly clear! (and if you’ve stripped wallpaper, you know why!) So I have to prime or get my painter to do that. I’ve decided to do that myself.

I stripped the wallpaper on the few existing sheetrock spaces we kept, and it was time consuming and miserable. I tried all kinds of products, but a steamer worked best. My skin was dewy soft and I was dripping when I finished the toilet room. The builders around here took the fast approach to applying the finishes in these houses and didn’t prime the walls before applying paper. They stuck it directly to the sheetrock, so if you aren’t very careful, you can take the sheetrock off with the paper and leave pock marks all over.

I’d like to say a word about my contractors. I firmly believe in getting the people that specialize in what they do to do the work. So many remodelers like to have one guy do several parts of the job. I’ve been on jobs where one contractor (hired by the homeowners against my advice) did all the sheetrock, painting, electrical, plumbing, everything! Then they are surprised when they get low quality work. First of all, I hire a master electrician and plumber on every job. They are always licensed and insured. The other contractors do their own specialty work all day long, so they are very practiced and can do the job in the most efficient way with the best outcome. It is apparent when you see the sheetrock work in my bathroom and it makes me very happy!

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