Saturday, March 14, 2009

Making the Decision to Begin

Well, I’m finally ready….I think.

To say that my master bath is in a state of disrepair is being more than obvious. There is peeling wallpaper, faucets that are broken, a shower door that doesn’t close, three kinds of floor materials in one small space (vinyl, tile, and carpet – yuck!), and stains from my daughter’s last hair dye experiment. My husband has been begging me to spend the money and get it done and if you knew my husband, you’d know it must be pretty bad to elicit that response.

I’ve only been planning and dreaming about this project for way over a year now. I can design other people’s spaces much more easily than I can my own! I know all to well everything that’s out there and I love it all. Vessel sinks, undermount tubs, custom cabinetry, unique lighting, gorgeous tile, polished nickel, antique brass, traditional, contemporary, transitional,… can I choose?

The problem was that I never really attacked it like one of my work projects, I just left it stewing on the back burner in my mind, picking up miscellaneous samples here and there or sketching for an hour or two on a weekend, not really focusing the design and finalizing decisions. I would get stumped on something, like the floor tile not being just the right color, and would wait until I happen to be heading to tile showrooms again, and then I would forget to get MY tile sample and then a year and half went by.

I’ve been very busy. Business has been good and I’ve had lots of projects. Design is my absolute obsession and I live and breathe it every moment of my day. Someone recently asked me what I do for fun. I automatically said, “I work!”, without even thinking. I am a one person operation at the moment and I do everything from design and meeting with clients to buying ink cartridges for my printer. Being a small business owner is very time consuming and my little bathroom project didn’t get top billing.

Mind you, I’m not a big “bathroom” type person anyway. I don’t really go to spas or take a lot of time with make up or luxurious soaks in the tub. I kind of get in and get out. I’m much more of a kitchen person, even a laundry room person (although I’d rather not be one of those). I used to like to cook and entertain, even though now I’m too busy, and I’ve always spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I’d rather spend money there than in the bathroom.

I also dread the mess of a remodel. I’ll have to go upstairs to shower and sleep and since I work out my home there will be contractors traipsing through my workspace every day. I know too well all the dust involved and how it permeates every nook and cranny in your home. I’m not looking forward to that.

But it has to be done. I couldn’t sell this house without a remodel of that bathroom, so I might as well enjoy it while I’m here. The time has come.

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1 comment:

Carrie said...

Who knows? Maybe now that your bathroom will be beautiful and tailor made for your lifestyle, you WILL be come a "bathroom" type person. ha! Long bubble baths in a pretty environment... I could handle that!

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