Saturday, March 21, 2009

Design Drawings for My New Bathroom

Design Drawings for My New Bathroom

Here are the design drawings for my master bath. These are elevations for the sink wall and the vanity wall. Elevations show exact locations for wall mounted fixtures, design of cabinets, backsplashes, and any other architectural features. Elevating the walls helps you think through where everything will be placed and how it will function for you.

When designing this space I kept my program in mind. It is traditional with some modern features so as to look fresh and updated. It will be light colored overall to look as large as possible with dark bronze accents of plumbing fittings, hardware, lighting. The major focal point, the dark wood vanity, is seen directly across from the entry and will stand out in a beautiful stained wood finish. The dark vanity will tie in with the dark bronze finishes throughout the space. All other wood, (cabinets, trim, doors, etc.) will be painted the wall color so they don't distract the eye. The cabinetry is neatly detailed, with a recessed panel door and full overlay design, again to be traditional with a bit of a modern edge. The arch repeats arches in other parts of the house and nicely frames the mirror and sconce. The 1" x 1" mosaic glass tile with a listelle is a real feature - a big expense, but such a high quality and unique product it makes the bathroom really special. On the elevations, you can see the graceful shape of the wall sconce, placed exactly as I want it, centered in the arch. Everything has been well planned and carefully considered to make construction go smoothly and to avoid as many on site decisions as possible.

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