Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art as Inspiration

Alberto Pinto - Architectural Digest

Having great art in your home is a true luxury. When you make an investment in a piece that speaks to you or makes a statement about your taste and personality, you want it to take center stage in a room. Not only should the art be the center of attention, it should also inspire the envelope. I love how these interiors seem to be inspired by the art. Nothing takes away from the statement.

Alberto Pinto - Architectural Digest

Alberto Pinto - Architectural Digest

I love the art in Alberto Pinto's apartment in Rio de Janeiro in the images above.  It speaks so well to the atmosphere of Rio.  All the furniture and architectural details really support the statement the art is making.

Karyl Pierce Paxton - House Beautiful

I love the color of those silk panels, seemingly inspired by the art.

Lisa Perry - Veranda

David Kleinberg - House Beautiful

What a great piece of art this is, in a pool house by David Kleinberg.  The subject matter is so appropriate and the colors from the art are used in the materials and furnishings.  It evokes such a relaxed feel and casual vibe.

Richard Hallberg - Veranda

Jamie Drake - House Beautiful

Richard Couturier - Elle Decor

Such a great example of art inpsiring the interior envelope.  Nothing takes away from that stunning piece, it only enhances it.

Elle Decor website

Paula Caravelli - Elle Decor

Richard Lambertson, John Truex - Architectural Digest

Richard Lambertson, John Truex - Architectural Digest

I love the art wall in this space. Everything else is quiet in the room.

Art is a great investment and just gives life to any environment.  It is an important feature in considering the design of an interior.  A good designer can design a room where your statement art can really be appreciated.

Contact Aston Design Studio if you are looking for a way to incorporate art into your home!


Ann said...

I love artworks,
they make a room look more lively and interesting.

Its just that good artworks are getting more expensive everyday ♥

Love your images.

Katherine Greene said...

Carla: I totally agree that art can add another dimension to a room!

Deb's mind said...

Art is so important in a room and there are many inexpensive ways to get that high end look. I buy a lot of art from local artists and artists ffrom the local schools. What better way to have art that is current. Great Post Carla.

Anonymous said... is a must..
cannot live without it..
beautiful ways of showing one collection and I like the idea of it taking center stage as you say and letting the room fall together..

under spanish moss said...

Beautiful examples of how art can make such an impact in a room.
Angela and Renee said...

Hi Carla. These images are stunning. There's nothing like original art. It brings so much energy and spirit to a room. Happy labor Day!

designchic said...

Art is such a statement maker in a room and these are wonderful examples!!

quintessence said...

Great examples!! I think the Pintos are my favorite - such great examples of selection and placement!!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Carla, this is my favorite post of yours ever. I love the images you chose - really, LOVE them. My favorite is the last with the art wall, probably because it is something I am working on now in my home. I am passionate about art - good art - and hope to design a house around our art collection one of these days. Thank you for the inspiration!

Splendid Sass said...

I believe that art can make a home. I have been known to decorate around a piece of art.
Beautiful post!

Joanna said...

Very nice artworks! It's always good to see one in every corner of the house to add some beauty and inspiration! Great post, check out also 3D Rendering

Karen said...

Art really is an investment. I love change so much that I have trouble jumping off that cliff and buying a piece knowing how fickle I am. Any suggestions?

Kellie Collis said...

Those stairs are stunning! I'm loving each room! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love art and these are some wonderful statement pieces. They make the rooms.

The enchanted home said...

Carla, I think you are so right, art can have such an impact in a room. Beautiful examples, I look forward to expanding my own small colleciton once I move...

kathi said...

Hi there
Pinto is exceptional in the field of design........I never tire of seeing his work........these are all beautiful rooms. The paintings are heart-breakingly beautiful!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh...this is my softest spot. Great, sometimes wild, and BIG art!! Great post, girl!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I comment on your site, but I've been keeping up with your work for a while now. I admire the passion with which you write the articles and dream that someday I can do the same. Love

Unknown said...

Thank you Anonymous! I appreciate the comment. Everyone else too!

Unknown said...

stunning images the art work really is the best place to start when designing a room these spaces all flow perfectly with the art inspiration dont they. Great image choices

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