Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautiful Project in the Works

Look at the detail on this leather upholstered table.  Gorgeous!  I'm so excited to be working on this beautiful project where we have some exquisite pieces and striking combinations.  You've seen various leather upholstered pieces recently becoming rather popular, but none were in the size and color we wanted so I went custom.

Here it is at my upholstery shop.

Using this Haute Turquoise leather from Kravet, the table will fit perfectly in front of this Kravet sofa.

The Medley sofa from Kravet.  It's on the showroom floor in Houston if you want to see it in person!  It's so sophisticated and we did it in one of their finely woven Soleil fabrics, light color like above, so all that white upholstery can be easily maintained.

They will be sitting on top of this wool zebra rug for a bold graphic look.

Very plush!

Pillows will be done in this printed linen from Schumacher.  It isn't as strong of a pattern so it doesn't compete with the rug and also ties in with the subtle, more traditional style of the home.

Just waiting for the thick glass top that will rest on the leather table.  I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Love the table Carla, I have a small pic of one in my inspiration folder to remind me that someday I'll have one!! yours is a beautiful design and I like the shelf in the middle too...gorgeous color..!! and I love the fabulous print linen fabric that completes the look..

Karena said...

Carla I love it. The color, the leather, the studs, gorgeous! very Striking!

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Art by Karena

Fits and Kisses said...

WOW! How stunning!

Donna said...


Kate said...

So beautiful, I love it!!!

Deb's mind said...

Fabulous doesn't even begin to describe what I think of that studded table. Love the colors, love the elegance, love the combinations!!

under spanish moss said...

Just absolutley stunning….We love what you are doing with the colors.
Angela & Renee

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous piece! That table looks wonderful! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Cant wait to see it when it is all done. I love all of your choices. You are very talented. Kravets has some great sofas that are made the old fashion way. They will out live your clients!

Jessie said...

Upholstered leather pieces are right up my alley! And the turfed sofa is super gorgeous. Love your choices! Looking forward to see the completed project. I bet your clients will be so thrilled!


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