Monday, September 27, 2010

Front Doors - A window to your style

Front doors often provide a peek into the personality of the homeowner. I love the bright color on this front door above.
On my recent trip to Baltimore, I loved snapping photos of some of the front doors on the row houses in some of the old neighborhoods. Although row houses are found in many cities, Baltimore has more than most. The blocks just go on and on with plain brick or stone block on the facade like this photo above and below.
Not too exciting? Many of these homeowners seem to like to use their front door to show off their personality and style. Color, extra mouldings, a few pots of flowers, some beautiful hardware......that's all that's needed to provide a little punch.

I love blue....this is charming!

Such a nice substantial welcome. The black is such a great contrast to the brick.

Interesting multicolor combination. Beautiful and unique!

Lovely stained wood doors in cast stone surrounds.

Two different color schemes on similar doors. Both very different and both have lots of personality.

I love this orange door with the stained glass in the windows.

Another blue with a cute window box!

Love the knocker!

I think behind this door a party awaits!

What kind of statement have you made with your front door?

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Cathi Taraboi Photography said...

Thanks for sharing the colorful, creative door ideas! Great photos!!

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