Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Glass

I love art glass. I have some beautiful pieces I've collected over the years and love to find new ones to add. Whenever I use them I remember where I purchased them or who gave them to me. I love how each piece is handmade by an artist, unique and a little bit imperfect.

I recently visited Wimberley Glass Works in Wimberley, TX where I saw these stunning pieces. I love the vivid colors in the sconces above.
Beautiful wall mounted pieces form a large art piece on this wall.

Delicate, graceful curves and swirls.

I love the pattern in the glass in this sconce. All the lighting they have in the showroom comes from Hubbardton Forge. I have one of their fixtures in my home. They are all hand forged and have a graceful but strong, clean look. A perfect, simple iron framework for the colorful, patterned glass.

Must have for my collection! Iced tea anyone?

Hubbarton Forge and Wimberley Glass Works.....a stunning combination. Below are a few of my pieces, collected primarily when I lived overseas. I have a penchant for cobalt.

This beautiful decanter is from Randsfjord Glassverk in Norway. Pewter crown on the cork....pewter is widely produced and used on tables in Norway.

I purchased this decanter with it's nesting liqueur glasses in Salzburg, Austria at a gem of a little glass shop in the old city center. I love how the glasses fit perfectly to the shape of the decanter.

My favorite sugar and creamer. The yellow is so cheery and bright. It just pops off the table.

My husband gave me this vase when we lived in Norway from the Hadeland Glass Factory. Again, my favorite cobalt. A few white tulips look divine in this vase. When we lived in Oslo, we drove up to this glass factory several times to shop at the seconds store and watch the glass blowing. My children each have a piece they were allowed to blow themselves.
I love the gorgeous colors and handcrafted beauty of art glass. It's so nice to have such a lovely place to shop for it in the hill country of Texas!
Wimberley Glass Works:
Hubbarton Forge:

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