Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Baltimore Gem

I was in Baltimore last week accepting a Homes for Life award from the NAHB Remodelers for a master bath remodel I designed for a wheelchair bound client. This was such a nice evening, in part because of the venue...Baltimore's Tremont Grand. What an architectural jewel! There was such exquisite craftsmanship and detailing, it was a real treat to enjoy that space. My husband snapped the photo above of me accepting the award in one of their fabulous rooms.

This building was constructed in 1866 as the Grand Lodge of the Maryland Masonic Temple, located in downtown Baltimore. It was restored after 1998 and reopened in 2005. It underwent an extensive renovation and now serves as premier site for social and business events.

The small but beautiful entry hall on the first floor.

The Corinthian Room where I attended the NAHB event. Beautiful marble and exquisite gold finishes with an incredible ceiling.

Ceiling of the Corinthian Room

The hallway upstairs, with large marble columns, beautifully painted ceilings, and period lighting.

This granite slab seems to smile at you from down the hallway!

Look at this incredible meeting room upstairs. Stained glass, marble columns, and the ceilings!

I didn't get into this room, but it is perfect for weddings, the Edinburgh Hall.

The Oriental Room

Lovely upstairs meeting room.

Ceiling detail......just incredible.

Carved and painted wood panels

Art and tapestries adorn the walls.

A hallway wall sconce.

What is more eye catching....the art or the adornment around the art?

The ladies' room! Gorgeous marble, chandeliers, and a grand ambience.

More beautiful Ladies' Room

The wall sconce illuminates the glass bead wallcovering. Very glamorous!

Definitely worth a look if you are in Baltimore and have even the slightest interest in architecture or interiors! The Tremont Grand is a real delight!

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