Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitchen Remodel - Before and After

A kitchen remodel project of mine, done about five years ago. 

Before - dated cabinetry, appliances, tile, counters, and a small island

We painted the cabinets, added new counters in contrasting stones, a new island, appliances, backsplash, and a little detail with the curvy lighting. The flooring remained for cost considerations.

I think my favorite thing we did was replace the standard issue upper cabinet by the sink to something custom built for that narrow space.

I also liked the curtains we did.  She wanted a French country look, so I went with a tone on tone pattern, not too busy, framing the view nicely and making for a cozy eating nook.  No drapes to the floor in the breakfast room here, they would just get in the way too much.

I'm working on some great new projects I can't wait to share soon.  Check out my conference table today.

Work in progress.  (Don't worry, it's not all going in the same room!)  A house with a neutral taupe environment using some strong contrast and bright spots of color. This one is really fun! 


An Urban Cottage said...

Thank you for showing this. I love that you were able to keep the same flooring and cabinets. The transformation of the cabinets with paint is amazing. A very wise renovation in my opinion. I don't know know how much it cost, but it doesn't matter. I can just tell it was a great value.

Jessie said...

What a huge transformation! It's so much brighter and airier now. The breakfast nook is lovely too.

I love the fabrics you selected for your upcoming projects. Looking forward to see the completed rooms.


Taylor Greenwalt said...

This is truly your gift. The transformation looks great Carla.

Splendid Sass said...

I bet they love you! When I saw the first image I was thinking that it didn't need to be redone, haha! Great job Carla. Doesn't look like the same house!
Hope that you are planning a nice weekend.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great vision with the paint and open shelving.
Have a great weekend.

Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely change! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

Ann said...

I love how paint can make a lot of difference at so little expense... And I love the updated style you did on the cabinetry... The new kitchen looks so fresh.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Fabulous transformation...can't wait to see the other projects that are in the works. Have a nice weekend. Mona

designchic said...

Love the transformation and the open shelving...fabulous!! Hope you're having a great weekend ~ said...

Hi Carla, You know what's great? You said you did that 5 years ago? Looks like yesterday. When I see those before pics, all I can think is how did we decorate with borders like that? And we all did it. Sooo calm and lovely.

Anonymous said...

love that you went a little green by keeping some of the cabinets and changing out only a few of the other elements that caused the kitchen to look dated...fabulous designs..

bbrunophotography said...

Carla, I think most of us imagine a kitchen renovation project as a complete gutting of the space. I really appreciate that you kept the cabinetry and transformed it with paint. (I also like that certain cabinets were dark, while the others were painted light--a dramatic effect!) What beautiful work this is. You must have been so pleased with the results!


Love what you did with the kitchen. The custom cabinet near the sink adds so much to the space, and even with the island being bigger, the space looks a lot more spacious and light filled. Great job


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