Thursday, January 12, 2012

Design Plan for Modern Bathroom

Although I'm doing a lot of bathrooms lately, they don't all look the same.  I practice client driven design and this project and the one in my previous post definitely show the wide range of styles on the boards right now.  (By the way, client driven design doesn't mean client dictates and I do exactly as they ask, it means that I try to achieve the end result that they desire whatever the style, with my methods, tools, and creativity.)

This fun bathroom is for a young couple who wanted something fresh and modern.  She wanted a rectangular tub and a spa-like ambience.  He wanted a bigger shower and they both wanted to update this tired space.  This project is about to start construction and it should be a dramatic change.

Here's the view of the bathroom from the master bedroom now.

This is her side.  She doesn't use a stool, so we'll be doing away with that feature.

His vanity and the adjacent small shower.  We'll be expanding it a bit and taking some space from his vanity area.

Yes, definitely ready for a remodel.

I decided to play up the rectangular shape and do a strie, 12 x 24 porcelain tile floor that goes up the walls with a band of glass and marble mosaic to get some interest and detail.  I like the banding up where you can see it with the modern sconces on top to really show it off.  Satin nickel cabinet pulls and plumbing fixtures add some gleam and more linear style.  Stained wood cabinets will add some warmth to the tiled space with the modern edge of a quartz countertop.  A little soft color will create a spa-like ambience.

Finish selections

We'll also be doing some new bedding in the master bedroom with a matelasse bed covering and pillows in that nice geometric from Kravet.  The Emerald Green slate from Thorntree in Houston will be the fireplace surround. Soft gray paint colors will continue the scheme from the bathroom.

I'm so happy to get this modern bathroom into my a couple of months!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Divine choices. exciting to follow the progress.

Ann said...

Your bathroom plan look divine,
looks more spacious and orderly.

Can't wait to see how it would actually look like when you're done with it.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Can't wait to see, Carla! Love the large shower!

Kathy said...

I love that you share your design sketches. I think they are beautiful, such talent.

Anonymous said...

love the cool aqua colors...adds some real "chicness" to the very outdated bath..

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Cant wait to see it complete. The colors are beautiful.

Tatiana Doria said...

Hi, it is so nice to meet you!
We are in the same business!
Lovely ideas you are providing to your clients.
I´m soooo glad to see I´m not the only one not knowing how to use the autocad!! I´m planning on getting some private lessons.
I love your blog and I follow!

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