Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Name Change????

I need some help! I've been considering a name change for my blog for just about a year or so. I know "Design in the Woods" is a bit confusing. It sounds like I design log homes or tree houses or something!

I thought it was such a good idea when I started, some three years ago.  I live and work in The Woodlands, TX.  My design studio is here.  We're about an hour north of downtown Houston and it is very wooded.  This is a thriving, growing, sophisticated area and there IS new construction and a LOT of remodeling in mid to high end homes.  I named my blog "Design in the Woods" so that local people would realize that they don't have to go to Houston for quality design work.  There's someone right here in their own neighborhood! 

However, what I didn't realize is that blogging is more of a wide ranging endeavor.  The majority of my readers don't live in The Woodlands or Houston or even Texas for that matter.  When you first hear that name, it really sounds like I'm out in the woods swinging an axe to build my dream hut, in a plaid, flannel shirt with unshaven armpits.

Maybe this?

I've had several suggestions and mostly something with my name or my business name has been strongly advised for branding and name identity.  It just doesn't sound that spiffy though. 

I was thinking...

Carla Aston blog
Aston Design Studio blog
Carla Aston Blogs About Interior Design  (too wordy and literal)


Of course, anything with interior design in the title would be appropriate, but how many blogs have "interior" and "design" in the titles that are so popular already out there?  Believe me, just about any name you can think of with "interior" in it has already been used! I've tried reserving some on blogger.

I've just gotten someone on board to help with coordinating all my online stuff.  I need a new website and want the blog to be part of it. He's got a marketing background, is young and computer savvy, and will help brand my business and build a framework for all my internet stuff.  I can't wait!!!!  All this computer navigation is difficult for me and .....I don't have TIME to create framework!  I definitely realize when I'm over my head and need the help of a guru.

Okay, you don't have to come up with a name (unless you want to), but I really want to know. 

Do you think I should change it?


Heather said...

I've always liked the name of your blog. I've never pictured you with a plaid shirt, an axe and unshaved armpits. But I confess, I read about your blog, which included the an explanation for why it was called "Design in the Woods." I do see you dilemma, but would it still be problamatic for you if the blog is attached to your new website that has your name prominently displayed?

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

I would change the name for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. It is limiting in a way. I think a more "serious" name would be more beneficial for your work. How about just Carla Aston blog as you suggested. The name is nice and personal and professional.

Splendid Sass said...

If you change the name, I would post under the old and new name until everyone finds you. Link the new blog to the old, vice versa. Too many people have amazing blogs and change the name and whoops. Same post in two different places.
That's my 2 cents for what it's worth. Your blog is great so people will follow.

Caroline said...

Carla Aston Design Vine - it still has a woodsy feel!!

Kelly Marie McKee said...

If your blog is going to become part of your new web page, I would definitely call it Carla Aston Blog. That sounds professional and personal.

Maybe you could incorporate Design In The Woods as part of / one of your tag lines?

Good Luck! Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be great!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I think you are so smart to get a young guru to help with this stuff. I have a wonderful young man that helps with the design aspect of my blog and now my new store that hopefully will launch soon. I do think you should change the name. I have to admit, that I didn't get the connection until following you a while. I don't think it hurts to add interior design regardless of what you come up tells what you do. Good luck. Mona

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Wow, I see what you mean. I would stick to your name so people will find you. Especially if your work is in print. Carla Aston interiors, or C.Aston Interiors. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

quintessence said...

I must admit, I've always wondered about your name - thank you for the clarification. That being said, I think you could do better too. I'll be curious to see what your new person suggests. Rebranding and redesigning is an incredible amount of work and extremely time consuming - you were right to hire an expert!! Looking forward to the new title and look!!

Marivic said...

Since you're a professional designer, the value is in your name. Doesn't help to hide it under another name. I would do "Carla Aston Design" to bring YOU to the forefront. "Design in the Woods" sounds nice though and can remain--maybe eventually the name of a line of products? Or you may drop it later on.

I struggle with the name of my blog too. I came up with it on a whim, and don't know where to take it. If I were a designer or another professional, I would use my name. It just makes the marketing so much easier.

"Carla Aston" has a nice designer ring to it. I would use "Design" because it's not limiting. You may create other things in the future. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

how exciting to be re-working your blog and brand...I love this sort of work as I've done a little work in marketing...yes, a name change is good, for the reasons you've mentioned..and I do like Carla Aston Design for a blog title...or Carla Aston at Home.. or of the things I've learned in blogging is you have to explain things time and time again as most people skim posts, don't remember whose blog they read such and such on so as you make the changes, constantly remind people what is going on..even if you sound like a broken record...
best of luck,

kathi said...

I'm chuckling...........I'm so guilty of choosing the an unfitting name. Starting in 1975 as "Brat Originals", making jackets for children out of antique patchwork quilts, then "Romiette & Juleo", making children's hats and accessories in the 80's then as M. Parrish in the 90's starting to make lamps. Then "Haute Lamps" in 2009...........Good Grief!
Now and forever more it will only be my name.
So, my suggestion to you is the same.......use your name along with "design" or "interior design"'ve been on my blogroll for some time.
Looking forward to seeing your changes.

Concrete Jungle said...

Looks like lots of good advice. Best of luck having had an adjustment just to the site name of mine was a bit of a disaster due to my pathetic computer skills combined with travelling oops! Thank you so much for finding me again of late and taking time to comment. Cheers Heather said...

I've never had any negative associations with your blog name at all! In fact, I really like it. That said, I just went through this because my Sofas & Sage was too vague for people, they didn't get the loose interpretation of design and food. So, it didn't fly and I got burned out. If I were working for myself, I would absolutely name the blog after my name. But that doesn't work for me right now. It would conflict with the design studio I work for. I say if you change it at all, use your name in it. Good luck! It;s a pain in the butt ! ;)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Now that I feel like I know you and your sophistication "Design in the Woods" is fine...but it doesn't represent what you are (the Woods part). My business name is Chez Vous Home and the blog is Classic Casual Home (only the home is in common). I don't really like it either.

I think you have what they call Brand Equity with Design in the Woods (my marketing background) if you do want to change--you should do it soon...what about Carla Aston Interiors (the blog part is already implied)?

Naz said...

I didn't understand what woods had to do with design so for me I'd make the name change. I do like a few of suggestions listed above.

Jessie said...

The first few times I visited your blog a few months ago, I didn't understand the connection between 'Design' and 'In The Woods'. Later, I figured out you must meant Woodlands, where you are currently based. There is definitely a little bit of confusion earlier on, I must admit.

I think a name change is definitely a great idea to represent you as an established designer. I am thinking maybe Carla Aston Design, if you have plans to have another line in the future, say a fabric line or a furniture line, etc.

If you just want to stick with interior design, I think it is best to go with Carla Aston Interiors. It sounds professional and people immediately knows what you do from the get go. Carla Aston Design is good but still a little vague, in my opinion unless you want to expand your brand. Hope it helps, just my two cents! :)

P/S: I am hosting a giveaway so come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish hanging travel kit, if you like! :)


Karen said...

I like the idea of using your full name in the title of your blog. It would make it easy for potential clients in your local area to get a feel for your work.

Pamela-shedding a little light on the subject said...

I would use your business name and your A that is on your cards. All your efforts should work together to brand your design company and your blog. I would also use one of your fabulous hand renderings as your opening page so people can see your talent. You are not just good with color, you can actually do a color rendering to bring your design to life. Use your studio picture under the sub heading of projects.

Deb's mind said...

Carla, I actually found your blog because of the sort of intrigued me. However because you are such a talented designer and already have a practice under Aston Design Studio...why don't you just blog under your company name? I love your blog and am so envious that you are so successful and YEARS ahead of me. Congratulations on all your success!!

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