Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brennan's for Mother's Day

Brennan's is always a special treat, especially on Mother's Day! Here's my daughter about to enjoy one of their delicious desserts!

Brennan's opened back up recently after their remodel from the fire that happened during Hurricane Ike. I had been to Brennan's a few times before and thought it had delicious food, but frankly felt it needed a bit of sprucing up. What a wonderful remodel and refurbishment! It is such a nice blend of it's traditional New Orleans flair with some updated, modern touches. It felt very fresh and yet very true to it's reputation. I think it's just fabulous!

The upstairs dining room with Fine Art chandeliers. Those are handmade crystals and although I've seen their catalogs and samples in showrooms, I'd never seen these installed. Beautiful!

A close up of the Fine Art wall sconces in the same dining room. A modern twist for a traditional sconce.

We sat in the upstairs rooms that I called the garden room. Painted wood floors and a lovely green upholstery. Very fresh and crisp!
I love these open weave draperies, sheers behind. A modern look on the windows.
And right across from the window, the traditional staircase.

Dining room downstairs, excuse the blurry picture, but I love the fabric and the chairs! A very modern damask.

The main dining room, with those wonderful clubbish wing backs at the windows. Wouldn't you feel special seated there? I love the carpets used throughout also. Large, overscaled, traditional patterns with modern colors.
What a lovely day! I can't wait to go back. Next time, I'm hoping for the wing backs.

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