Monday, May 10, 2010

Barry Dixon in Houston

Barry Dixon in Houston

Spring Market at the Houston Decorative Center was interesting, particularly because one of my favorite designers spoke in one of the showrooms. His book is shown in the photo above. He was introducing his new fabric collection for Vervain...beautiful!

This is the second time I've heard one of his talks on design and the inspiration for his work. There wasn't even standing room left. I guess many of the designers there knew what I did, that Barry Dixon is a verbose, passionate, talent who can make even the most jaded designer love their work again and remember why they went into this field. By the end of the talk, we were all nodding our heads and felt encouraged and excited about design. Just hearing him speak about the thought process behind some of his work and the way he marries the client's personality and taste with a site location and a structure made all of us identify with our passion for this business and drool with the possibility of having a client trust us the way Barry's clients obviously trust him. We all left feeling hopeful and optimistic again that good design is important and somewhere out there are people who appreciate that.

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