Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dallas Market Winter 2010

Dallas Market Winter 2010

I attended market in Dallas in January and had a really special experience while I was there. I had received an invitation for a luncheon on the top floor of the World Trade Center for the Friday of market and RSVP'd last minute, thinking I might or might not be able to get up there. There's lots to see in such a short period of time!

At about 15 till 12:00 I started thinking about my aching feet and how I'd love to sit for awhile. When I realized it was almost lunchtime, I made my way up the top floor for my luncheon. What a lovely surprise! A beautiful 3 course meal was laid out with gift bags and interesting designers to talk to at my table. Joe Ruggiero was the guest speaker, discussing his inspirations for his designs for Sunbrella fabrics. What a lovely respite. If you've ever been to market at lunchtime, you know that if you get to sit at the "cafeteria" on the first floor, you crowd in with everyone else and as soon as you get through eating, people with their food trays are standing there staring at you to get up so they can have your seat.

Joe Ruggiero looked just like he does on tv. Having hosted a show on HGTV for 16 years, he definitely has charm and charisma. He has travelled all over the world and draws from those experiences to come up with colors, textures, and patterns for the incredible Sunbrella fabric line. Sunbrella fabrics are not just for outdoors anymore! They are plush, soft, and have a wonderful hand. I particularly liked the velvet and the sheers, you would never know they were indoor/outdoor fabrics. The best thing about them is that they are practically indestructible and really easy to clean. You can spill red wine, bleach, just about anything and they clean right up. These fabrics are perfect for families with children, pets, and even husbands who like to eat on the sofa. Many fabric lines are coming out with these type fabrics now. There are just so many lovely choices, there is no need to sacrifice style for durability.

I had a lovely day at market this year. With this great respite in the middle of the day, meeting some new people including Joe Ruggiero, and learning all about Sunbrella fabrics, it made coping with the crowds and all that walking much more enjoyable.


Joe Ruggiero said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments. I hope everyone I speak to will take the same information and sentiments with them. It is why I do what I do. I appreciate your posting this. Joe Ruggiero

Karena said...

Sounds like such a lovely lunch. I can see that and would love to meet Joe one day! Such talent!

Greg Rosendale said...

We are so happy that you enjoyed the event and found it very educational.

Greg (Market manager for Sunbrella)

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