Saturday, January 30, 2010

No More Pink Toilets!

No More Pink Toilets!

This powder bath had a color problem. Pink fixtures! Nothing dates a bathroom faster than colored plumbing fixtures. I almost always do white or bisquit, unless it is a special sink that makes a statement. Black toilets are particularly bad for me. Okay, I'm gagging right now.

In this powder room remodel, the color had to go and a neutral, classic style was put in it's place. The homeowner wanted the look of a beautiful, boutique hotel. We had a very tall, narrow space at the vanity and I chose to accent that by locating two sconces beside a slender mirror. The walls were painted a dark neutral and then the vanity, countertop, and wall behind the mirror were a contrasting light neutral. This served to highlight the tall, narrow, dramatic space. I pushed for the expense of having the marble tile all the way up the back of that wall, I felt it just gave a sense of quality we needed in there. Extending the countertop material up the wall again just emphasized the tall, narrow space and added a sense of drama and elegance.

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