Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sculpture in the Bath

The epitome of luxury in a bathroom is a fabulous tub. Even if you're not a bath taker, just the visual effect of a tub in a gorgeous setting creates a calm, restful feeling. Tubs are taking new shapes in baths today. They are moving away from the utilitarian, built-in look and are now used as sculptural elements that really dictate a style direction. The Kohler tub above is a wonderful modern, angular shape that has just enough curve to be really comfy. Wouldn't you feel pampered in that tub?

This is the Aquatic Serenity tub....very traditional and sculptural, available in a two tone color scheme.

The Waterworks Empire tub is always a classic.

Here's a modern, curvy soaker from MTI. It has a beautiful, sculptural quality.

This boxy, masculine tub is very architectural in style, from Porcher.

This is a transitional soaking tub from MTI. It is very well priced and a great option for a sculptural look without a big price tag.

Okay, look past all the wild colors....isn't this tub cute? It has a crescent shaped seat inside. It's a Japanese style soaker tub also from MTI.
I've been working on lots of master bath remodels lately and I'm finding the best way to make a big aesthetic change and update a bathroom is to take out the built-in tub and install a free-standing one. It makes the bathroom seem larger and makes a real statement of style.

Here's a before shot of one of my remodels. Lots of cultured marble and steps to nowhere.

Here's the after photo. We laid the travertine floor underneath and did the Serenity tub from Aquatic. The blower is in a cabinet nearby and you operate it with a remote control.

Another before photo of a built-in tub. This tub was actually around 4'-6" long. It looked child sized and squashed into the space between the cabinets.

The homeowner wanted a more traditional look, so we chose a footed tub from Victoria and Albert and turned the tub to fit appropriately in the space.
I love affecting a big change in my remodels. Free standing tubs are a sure way to get a new look and add some sculpture to the bath.

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