Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where to Put The TV?

The age old question.

Do you try to hide it? Or just admit....we watch tv!  You know everyone does.  

Most rooms are designed without tv watching in mind. Even today.

Here are a few beautiful ways to incorporate flat screen tvs into your home.

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace - Traditional Home

Beautiful built-in tv in a kitchen above.  I just love how it's so trim and fits into the space so well.

Aston Design Studio

Here's one of my projects above.  When there's a large tv to be used, I like mounting them in a dark space, like the dark, stained cabinets above.  It minimizes the size of the screen when its off...dark on dark.

Like so....

small space style blog via Emily A. Clark

Whenever I design cabinetry for a tv now, I do a false back like the one above, so the tv can be mounted on it.  We cut a large grommet, usually so big your hand can fit through, to be able to pull wiring back and forth easily. Then there is a large slit of a grommet in the counter on the cabinet above, behind the false back. Having things as open back there as possible helps make it easier to hook up new equipment down the road.

mix and chic blog

Aston Design Studio

design manifest blog via pinterest

I also love something that can be covered up with doors, especially if looks good when they are opened.  This is great if the tv won't be used that much. I love the subtle X pattern created on these doors and the unique antique mirrored doors below.

tg interiors blog

So.......what is your favorite way to set up the tv in your house?


Splendid Sass said...

Great idea having a false back!! I also love the first image. Perfection.
Thank you for your kindness, Carla
Happy Sunday.


Lately I have been putting them above the mantel. It's better if they have some space above the sofa...for art. Sometimes it is just so dang hard to have 2 focal points in a the TV and then a FP. I love all of the examples you showed...

carolyn bradford said...

Love this post…yes, we all watch and love tv! My favorite picture was the kitchen. However…I have a real bedroom tv issue that I'm working on and may have to post pics to get your advice! I'm sure you could solve it! Hope you have a wonderful week, Carla!

Anonymous said...

My favorite way to incorporate a TV into a room has been either in cabinetry or against a dark painted background. Both methods have worked well for us in the past.

I like the door coverup pictures.
Thanks for the interesting blog.

Cindy F

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I like T.V.s to be hidden,but it isn't always possible. They need to design them to be prettier!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I actually don't mind seeing an attractive flat screen TV. But, there are so many clever options and pieces to hide the TV these days, as you've shown.

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